Refereed Journal Articles

Under Review

  • Nazareno, Luísa, and Cathy Yang Liu. Explaining the Spatial Unevenness of Nonstandard Employment in the United States.

  • Nazareno, Luísa, and Juliana de Castro Galvao. Analyzing the Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on Poverty, Inequality and Employment amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study from Brazil.

  • Nazareno, Luísa, Ellen Zegura, and Cathy Yang Liu. Changes in Mobile Broadband Infrastructure in Rural Georgia During the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Working papers

In preparation

  • Liu, Cathy and Luísa Nazareno. State Responses During COVID-19 Pandemic and Their Impacts on Small Businesses.

  • Nazareno, Luísa. Preferences for Flexibility of Workers in Online Platforms. Dissertation. (IRB number: H22004)

  • Nazareno, Luísa. Gender Effects of Uber Entry on Labor Market Outcomes in Brazil. Dissertation.